Estancia Partners

Private Equity Investors. Asset Management Specialists.



In sourcing investment opportunities, Estancia will rely on its extensive proprietary network of industry contacts and on proactive searches of industry databases to identify private, non-competitive investment opportunities.


In identifying and analyzing investment opportunities, Estancia will cultivate, expand and leverage its proprietary network of industry relationships focused on:

  • Institutional pension consultants
  • Executive search/lift-out consultants
  • Senior management of investment firms
  • Boutique investment banks
  • Plan sponsors
  • Industry advisors/strategists

Many of these relationships involve former colleagues, business partners and acquaintances from the Partners’ many years of industry experience.


Estancia will also proactively search industry databases such as eVestment Alliance, PSN and Lipper to screen the universe of investment managers based on customized criteria, including:

  • Investment style(s)
  • Assets under management
  • Investment performance
  • Asset growth trends
  • Ownership
  • Professional turnover
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