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Estancia believes, even during difficult market periods, well-run asset management businesses make attractive investments because of recurring revenues, substantial operating leverage, high margins and low capital requirements.

In general, we target firms or teams offering “Institutional Quality”, traditional long-only equity investment styles and selective non-equity and alternative investment strategies. The Fund will seek diversification (7 to 10 portfolio companies) across fund holdings by asset class, investment style, capitalization and market segments/channels served including retail, high net worth and institutional.
The Principals believe that investment opportunities will generally arise from one of the following catalysts or motivating factors:

  • Management Buyout. The management team of a target firm, controlled by another entity or non-management individuals, seeks to become an independent firm, thereby gaining greater control of day-to-day operations;
  • Growth Opportunity. Target firm seeks to gain or maintain assets under management requiring access to capital and/or proven leadership experience executing strategic growth initiatives such as redefining brand, entering new market segments and/or investment strategy/product extensions;
  • Parent Divestiture. Larger financial institution seeks to divest a firm or investment team determined to be “non-core” or redundant as a result of balance sheet issues, acquisition or merger activities, or because of regulatory reform;
  • Generational Transition. Founder or successor management team seeks to facilitate ownership and management succession while minimizing changes to the firm and its independence, requiring capital and/or expertise from a partner.
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